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The Adventures of Pebble Beach is going to be released in February 2014!

I’m thrilled to be able to announce that my book ”The Adventures of Pebble Beach” is going to be released by Roundfire Books on February 28, 2014. The book is already up for pre-order on Amazon! (Click here to pre-order:

So what’s the book about? Well I like to say that it’s a book in which Chick Lit meets Self Help. Now why do I say this? Well because the book is a high-spirited tale of a newly divorced, 40-something woman named Pebble Beach with two teenage sons who is trying to take control of her life, her sex-crazed body, and her new relationships with men – while struggling to build a career in advertising in the big city. When she realizes how disastrous her relationships with men are and an unsavoury business scandal threatens to ruin her burgeoning career, our brave heroine decides to go to therapy. And so begins one modern woman’s journey of self-discovery. And that’s what the book is about – her outer journey and her inner journey. The men in her life and her career struggle. Her confusion and her adventures and her learning process.

I hope you will love Pebble Beach with all her quirkiness as much as I do!

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