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This book is definitely for anyone who loves chick-lit that has meaning :-) 5 Stars!

Here’s what Chick Lit blogger Victoria Brown has to say about Pebble Beach!

“Admittedly, when I started ‘The Adventures of Pebble Beach’ I was a little unsure whether it was my type of book. The erotic scene and language that gets this book started, was not my usual type of read. However, I’m so pleased I continued. Pebble Beach is a great character. Although I sometimes wanted to slap her, I couldn’t help but love her. She’s in a very vulnerable time in her life; she is in her mid-40s, recently divorced and single mum to two teenage boys. She is working so hard to make a career for herself but there seems to be obstacles at every turn. Pebble has to go through certain situations to make her realise what is happening in her life and how she can make the changes. Once she starts to realise this everything starts to fall into place.

I loved the way Barbara Berger has created a mixed-up character that many women could relate too. I love even more how she develops a storyline that would help many women move forward in their own lives. There are quotes and advice that have been integrated into the story, I think this has been very well done. I think Barbara has created a very interesting novel that not only relates to real-life but gives great advice on finding oneself.

I give this novel 5/5. For anyone who loves chick-lit that has meaning!”

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Pebble’s inner dialog is the key to this book being a fantastic read!

Here’s what Mary Nale, editor of Attune Magazine, has to say about “The Adventures of Pebble Beach”:
“This is a woman’s story, no doubt about it. This is Barbara’s first novel and it’s so damned believable! Pebble’s inner dialog is the key to this book being a fantastic read.

Pebble could be you and she could be me.

Pebble lives in Copenhagen but she’s originally from the US, she has two sons and she’s recently divorced. She’s almost 45 and she’s struggling with the very same things every single woman has struggled with.”

Thanks Mary! I am thrilled to hear you enjoyed Pebble’s adventures so much!

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Special Pebble Beach offer – buy the book for only 5 dollars!

To celebrate the release of “The Adventures of Pebble Beach” you can buy the book for only 5 dollars on my Web site! So if you’d like to dive into Pebble’s many adventures – just click on the purchase link below and enjoy the ride!

Here is the purchase link:

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“This book hit me on all levels – mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual. It made me laugh, it made me cry …”

This is what Bonnie Cehovet has to say about “The Adventures of Pebble Beach”

“I am definitely a fan of Barbara Berger’s work! In “The Adventures of Pebble Beach” (a book that she wrote in 1987), Berger moves into the genre of fiction … which happens to be a great way to get her point across! Her heroine is Pebble Beach, a newly divorced woman in her mid-40’s, trying to raise two teenage sons while struggling to forge a career for herself as a copywriter. She has a tendency to be attracted to the wrong man, is dealing with issues of insecurity and low self-confidence, is not at ease with the aging process, and is terrified that she will not be able to support herself and her two sons.

Both her professional and personal misadventures are issues that single women over forty can identify with. How Pebble handles these misadventures is presented in a realistic, yet humorous manner. Her rather distant father, her “from another generation” mother, and her quick on the uptake uncle form background while they help move the story forward.

Pebble grows personally and professionally in this book, with the help of her therapist. (A therapist who by the end of the book is making her own little life changes!). I love that Pebble has this running internal conversations … don‘t we all have them! I can see myself in her … and I have about twenty years on her!

This book hit me on all levels – mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual. It made me laugh, it made me cry … and it brought back internal scenes that I have been able to move on from, but that I see as universal issues. It’s all good. Some of the things that we face in life are the same things that Pebble is facing – low self-esteem, relationships that do not work (but that we keep being drawn back to), poor communications (with self and others), and living up to the expectations of others. Life has a tendency to get complicated, after all!

The background of the book is Copenhagen, where Pebble lives. It was quite interesting to read the little tidbits about the city, and socializing within the city. Pebble’s professional life takes her into the sphere of some major players … where she goes from being ostracized to … well, you have to read the book to find that out!

A very good read on its own … and an excellent resource for figuring out how to deal with life!”
© 2000 – 2014 Bonnie Cehovet

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Win a free copy of “The Adventures of Pebble Beach”!

Sign up for the Goodreads giveaway and you might just win a free copy of my fun novel”The Adventures of Pebble Beach”!

In this saucy tale, you can follow Pebble Beach (my heroine) as she gets herself into all kinds of mischief!

You can sign up for the giveaway here:

The winner will be chosen on March 1, 2014. (The book is being released on Feb. 28 but it already up for pre-order on Amazon.)

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5 stars on Goodreads

Marie Als gave “The Adventures of Pebble Beach” 5 stars on Goodreads. She wrote:
“I just finished this very, very cool book (and I usually don’t say that about books).

I’ve read more than a few of the author’s books before and highly recommend them if you seek a “how to fix your life by fixing you” guide. But because the other books are very practical, but fun and accessible, I was curious to see how she’d do in the fiction genre. She did well indeed.

The story works, the characters are realistic and just as fucked up as you or me. It’s NOT a sermon it’s a story that has something to say. I literally just finished the book now, and all I can say is go get your own copy… You’ll be reading it again and again.

I already miss Pebble (main character), because she’s as lost as real people are but there’s hope without the cheesy over the top drama you usually get.

Read it!”

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The Adventures of Pebble Beach is going to be released in February 2014!

I’m thrilled to be able to announce that my book ”The Adventures of Pebble Beach” is going to be released by Roundfire Books on February 28, 2014. The book is already up for pre-order on Amazon! (Click here to pre-order:

So what’s the book about? Well I like to say that it’s a book in which Chick Lit meets Self Help. Now why do I say this? Well because the book is a high-spirited tale of a newly divorced, 40-something woman named Pebble Beach with two teenage sons who is trying to take control of her life, her sex-crazed body, and her new relationships with men – while struggling to build a career in advertising in the big city. When she realizes how disastrous her relationships with men are and an unsavoury business scandal threatens to ruin her burgeoning career, our brave heroine decides to go to therapy. And so begins one modern woman’s journey of self-discovery. And that’s what the book is about – her outer journey and her inner journey. The men in her life and her career struggle. Her confusion and her adventures and her learning process.

I hope you will love Pebble Beach with all her quirkiness as much as I do!

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